From paper chains to digital gains.

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Tangible helps procurement and legal teams simplify contract management with a Co-Intelligent Transaction Platform to enable faster, compliant, and accurate deals — turning bogged-down operations into agile, market-leading businesses.

Co-Intelligence Programs

Business functions leaders and law firms that manage high-value, high-volume, recurring transactions, claims, or compliance management programs.

Put an end to contract chaos

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Bring every SOW in Alignment with your MSA

Put an end to contract leakage and surface hidden catastrophic risks. Enable co-intelligent systems.
“We just signed a contract that has us paying 23% more than our MSA.”
- Chief Procurement Officer
“If we have to review another standard NDA without any special call-out clauses identified, I think I’m going to lose it.”
- Legal Counsel
“That contract has been stuck in Oscar’s inbox for 3 weeks.”
- Director of Procurement
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Your team deserves to spend more time on strategy, less on paperwork.

What is Co-Intelligence?

Embrace a new paradigm in decision-making through Human+Digital collaboration.

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Co-intelligent Transactions synergize AI insights with human expertise to optimize transaction management, compliance programs, and claims science.

This approach enables professionals at your organization and Tangible to synthesize strategic insights with AI-generated data, fostering a system that not only complies with regulatory standards but also enhances decision-making.

This collaborative integration ensures that technology elevates human capabilities, driving smarter, compliance-focused outcomes in every transaction.

Make contracting simple

Experience Co-Intelligence.
Simplify. Accelerate. Enhance. Improve. Optimize.

It's Easy to Get Started

1. Discover

Have a mutual discovery conversation. Explore current contracting processes and establish goals and priorities for future state improvements.

2. Demo

See Co-Intelligent Systems in Action. View Tangible’s Co-Intelligent Solution firsthand, discuss your specific needs, and set up a pilot project to measure success.

3. Launch

Go-live with Co-Intelligent Systems. Implement the Co-Intelligent System, conduct training workshops, and perform user acceptance testing to ensure functionality.


The Hidden costs of paper-based transactions

Modernize your contracting.
Shift to Co-Intelligent Systems.

What's at stake

You deserve a contract process that's as agile as your business.

Financial loss

Financial losses stem from contract leakage due to missed negotiation opportunities, hidden fees, or pricing errors, inefficiencies from manual processes and duplication, and fines from non-compliance with regulations.

Strategic disadvantage

Strategic disadvantages include reduced agility in adapting to market changes due to cumbersome processes, falling behind competitors who utilize intelligent automation, and employee dissatisfaction from repetitive tasks and poor access to information.

Operational inefficiency

Operational inefficiencies arise from slow close times due to bottlenecks in approvals and a lack of automation, limited visibility caused by siloed information affecting data access and reporting, and human errors from manual contract management.

Reputational risk

Reputational risks involve compliance issues that could lead to security breaches from unsecured data storage, challenges in vendor management due to inadequate oversight, and perceived obsolescence from delayed technological adoption.

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